Change battle car...Review of unmanned aerial systems such as Terminator

According to the Army, the NGCV business is in a state of vacuum. This means that nothing has been decided whether it will be orbital or wheeled. However, the Army wants NGCV to have high-tech sensors and communication equipment based on it. "Based on common platform, we are planning to make a derivative of combat vehicles for various purposes such as light-powered tanks and infantry combat vehicles," a military source said. "If artificial intelligence and robot technology are substantial, we are considering making them completely unmanned."

The Army's thinking of NGCV is based on a future battle environment in which the number of troops and troops is reduced, while the number of troops and areas that one unit should protect is expanded. The reality is that old combat vehicles are still in place, and the introduction of new combat vehicles is in place. The Army still has about 600 M48 Patton tanks developed in the 1950s. On the other hand, the number of K-2 black-ticket tanks decreased from 680 (targets) to more than 200 (currently), and the number of K-21 infantry and infantry fighters decreased from 900 (targets) to present). "There was a judgment that the current battle vehicle needs to be renovated and new combat vehicles should be introduced in order to establish a 'Baekdu Mountain Tiger' system that will enable all troops to be mobileized (car-mounted) and connect them with high-tech sensors," a military source said.
There is a combat vehicle that inspired the army's NGCV. This is the AS21 Redback infantry battle car that was introduced at the Land Force 2018 conference in Adelaide, Australia from Sept. 4-6. The AS21 is a new combat 토토사이트 vehicle based on the K-21. It is equipped with 40mm machine gun, anti-tank missiles with variety of sensors for detection and tracking, and a defense system.

The Marine Corps is also working on a landing vehicle (Commerce Struck) III (KAAV-II) project. The listed car-II was painted roughly. According to the defense industry, the combat weight will be 35 tons with a 40mm machine gun. Not only does a public car run on land, but it can also move on the ocean. The maximum speed of the listed car-II award is 20 kilometers per hour. This is faster than the maximum speed that the Marines are currently using, which is 13 kilometers per hour.

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